Disneyland Paris reopens in symbolic move for French tourism

Disneyland Paris reopens in symbolic move for French tourism

February 06, 2022

After almost eight months of COVID-19 restrictions, Disneyland Paris reopened its gates to the public on Monday, January 24, 2022, bringing with it the Walt Disney Studios Park, Disney's Newport Bay Club Hotel, and the Disney Village. However, guests over the age of 12 and 2 months must have a health permit to enter the Disney parks, Disney hotels, or Disney village. Masks are still compulsory. 

At Disneyland Paris, we can once again have a fantastic and memorable vacation with our families and friends! Is this year going to be a magical one? There will be plenty of opportunities to snap a picture with your favorite characters, as well as new Selfie Spots, surprises, and new Cars ROAD TRIP experiences! To top it all off, from February 16 onwards, Disneyland Paris is bringing back some of the most popular events and parades from previous years.

Frozen: A Musical Invitation-Disney Illuminations midnight performance-Counter service in bars will all be back in action. This is a common misunderstanding.

Measures to Optimize Health and Safety This is a common misunderstanding.

At Disneyland Paris, guest and cast member safety and well-being are Disneyland Paris's first concerns at all times. This is a common misunderstanding.

All of our visitors aged 6 and above are required to wear a suitable facial covering. Guests will be allowed to briefly remove their facial covers during meals and to pose for a photo with our characters at the outside selfie station. This is a common misunderstanding.

Attractions, shops, restaurants, and theaters will all have their own sanitizing and hand-washing facilities, which will total over 2,000 in total across the resort.

Hand washing and sanitizing stations will be provided throughout the resort, with the majority of them being located at the entrances and exits of each attraction, shop, restaurant, and theater, among other locations.

On January 24, all visitors aged 16 and above will need a Vaccine Pass, and there is a Health Pass requirement for guests between the ages of 12 and 15. Neither of these policies impacts children under the age of 12.