CDG oro uosto į Diznėjaus žemę pervežimai

Disneyland is a must-see for everybody visiting Paris. Pre-book your private shuttle to ensure everything is ready for you when you arrive at Charles de Gaulle Airport, France's largest and busiest airport, following a long journey to visit your magical kingdom at Disneyland, which is just approximately 35 minutes away from the CDG. You will be exempt from long lineups at the departure lounge and high-cost traps at the end of your vacation to the magnificent Disneyland resort. Your chauffeur will ensure all your comfort and safely transport you to your terminus at a reasonable fee in your chosen vehicle from our well-maintained collection of new vehicles.

Pervežimų parinkčių palyginimas

  • Taksi

    The quickest, most convenient, and direct means of transfer, taking only 40 minutes. You simply need to make a reservation ahead of time, and your driver will come in a luxurious and high-quality vehicle to offer you a comfortable ride at an affordable rate. There will be no undisclosed prices or additional luggage fees. You will be offered professional French and English-speaking drivers, friendly greetings, and comfortable vehicles. If you are traveling with children, the necessary baby seats, as well as all other essentials, will be provided free of charge.

  • Traukiniu

    If you are planning to visit the magical world of Disneyland from the CDG airport by train, the train ride from CDG to Disneyland Paris takes around 12 minutes and costs between €4 and €26. Anyway, despite the fact that it is less expensive, there are very few direct services available depending on your destination at Disneyland.

  • Pervežimas

    Taking the public bus from Charles de Gaulle airport to Disneyland is a convenient but time-consuming choice. Travel time is around 60 minutes but may take longer depending on traffic.