Transferuri din aeroportul Beauvais către aeroportul Orly

Beauvais Airport is a global air terminal found 85 kilometers north of Paris, close to the city of Beauvais. The air terminal is serving the territory around the French capital, and it is mostly used by low-cost airlines like Ryan Air, who regularly marks it as Paris-Beauvais Airport. It is the 10th busiest air terminal in France. Ryan air’s rapid development of services has now led to over 4 million passengers each year passing through the air terminal. The airport now has 2 terminals with different cafes and shops serving its passengers. Beauvais Airport notwithstanding being a regional air terminal, and operates as a NATO relief landing ground for military aircraft. Hoping to get from Beauvais to Orly? Orly is France's busiest homegrown air terminal and connects the capital with the rest of the country when it comes to air travel. Situated on the totally opposite side of Paris, Orly Airport serves as a secondary hub for Air France and is the home base of Trans via France. It is indeed the second busiest air terminal in France with just over 32 million passengers per annum.

Comparație opțiuni de transfer

  • Cu taxiul

    The most dependable alternative for go-between Beauvais to Orly is a private taxi. They make your excursion a breeze and as simple as could be expected. Your car will be very luxurious and comfortable and most importantly it is just you and your family in the taxi, your service isn't imparted to any other individual. In the event that you have kids, you can use high-quality taxi seats free of charge. The distance between Beauvais Airport and Paris Orly Airport is 83 km. Your journey between Beauvais and Orly airports will transpire as 1 hour and 30 minutes spent in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. Traveling from Beauvais to Orly can cost between 150€-160€.

  • Cu trenul

    but it is not the most convenient. Because there are no direct trains from Beauvais to Orly. This train journey is not an easy one for a weary traveler or someone with children. Trains run every one-two hours into Paris on the TER and go to Gare du Nord. From Gare du Nord you need to get the RER B to Antony. The train ticket costs are Beauvais to Orly airport adult single ticket is €10, Child single ticket is €7. The distance between Paris Orly Airport and Beauvais is 81 km. It takes 2 hours and 14 minutes to travel by train from Beauvais to Orly Airport.

  • Transfer

    How might I go from the Beauvais air terminal to the Orly air terminal without paying heaps of cash, and relatively fast? The next convenient option from Beauvais airport to Orly airport is by bus. Nonetheless, this option requires a connection in the center of Paris. Orly Bus goes off from Denfert-Rochereau, which's 7km from Porte Maillot. From Port Maillot can go to St. Michel N-Dame, change the metro, then go to Antony, change again, and afterward, take the Orlyval to Orly. Should probably buy a multi-metro ticket for 3 zones to get to Antony, and afterward, purchase another ticket for the Orlyval. An adult single ticket is needed for both journeys and costs a total of €27.90, Child single ticket is roughly €15. The distance between Beauvais Airport and Paris Orly Airport is 83 km. The typical journey time is about 1 hour 35 minutes.